Catalyzing The Next Wave
We team up with builders reshaping markets through crypto and web3


Capital Markets
Our crossover platform allows us to help founders navigate private and public markets, and supports protocols through research analytics, market relationships, and long-term capital
Mechanism Design
We work closely with founders to create tokenomics that drive sustainable growth. Our experience pulls from Room40’s broad crypto coverage and prior investments in networks now worth billions in market value
Web3 <> Web2
Founders tap into deep networks in Room40’s core domains ranging from fintech to supply chains, helping to accelerate the convergence of on- and off-chain organizations


The Room40 name is inspired by a group of British codebreakers from World War I that paved the way for Alan Turing’s World War II Bletchley Park team. This team of academics, strategists, and public servants harnessed technology to change the course of history. Our mission at Room40 is to partner with builders developing tomorrow’s user experience through new economic design and financial operating systems.